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General remarks

We take the protection of your data seriously and take appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised changes. If you have the impression that your data are not properly secured or if there are indications of misuse, please contact us via the following e-mail address:

This privacy policy applies to the use of the Vitae Platform. We have the right to amend this privacy policy, in which case we will inform you beforehand. If you cannot agree with the amendments, you can unsubscribe and delete your profile via the following link: […]. If you continue using the platform after having been informed of the amended privacy policy, you accept and acknowledge that the collection and processing of your personal data is governed by the amended privacy policy.

Our services are not aimed at minors and you are not allowed to register on the platform if you are underage. By registering on the platform you confirm not being underage.

Collected data

When creating your profile, you must enter personal data, including your last name, first name, telephone number and e-mail address.

You can then complete your profile with photos, your gender, date of birth, place of residence, occupation, work experience, professional skills, a personal description, your Facebook account, your Twitter account, etc. It is recommended not to include any data in your profile that you do not want to disclose.

All data, content, communication and other information provided to, posted or uploaded on the platform will be collected and processed by us. Your actions on the platform, which include the liking and/or sharing of messages and/or ads, will be linked to your name and made visible to the network members.

Other members can also post data about you on the platform (as a part of articles, contributions, comments, videos and other content) which are thus publicly accessible on the platform and are also collected and processed by us.

We also register how you use our platform, as well as the people, companies and groups you are affiliated with and interested in.

Use of your data

We use your data to provide our services. The information we have about you allows us to communicate with you about our services (availability, use, security, etc.), to inform you about our policy and conditions, and to reply when you contact us. We also make communication between you and other platform members possible via connection requests, groups and messages between members, for instance.

Thanks to our services you can stay in contact with and be kept informed about your friends. To do so, you must create a connection with your friends who must also accept your connection request. Your connection request contains your profile data.

We use location-related information, such as your current location, where you live, the places you like to visit and the companies or people in your vicinity.

We use the information we have about you, including actions and links, to select and personalise ads, offers and other sponsored content for you.

Your data (including posted content and messages) are used if this is necessary for safety reasons or to investigate possible fraud or other violations of the law or violations of our terms and conditions, community policy, this privacy policy and/or attempts to harm our members.

Sharing your data

Your complete profile is visible to all platform members. Data can be displayed and shared on the platform, via articles, contributions, messages, ads, likes, comments and other content, for instance:

  • When you publicly share an article, contribution, message, ad, comment or other content, it can be viewed and reshared by all platform members. Members can find and view your publicly shared content, including your name and photo (if provided), and reshare it. Your information can be shared on the platform as well as outside the platform, even with people who are not a part of the platform.

  • Content posted in a group or on a page is visible to all platform members or only the group or page members, depending on the settings you choose when creating such a group or page. Your membership of groups or interest in pages is public and part of your profile, unless you indicate otherwise in your profile settings.

We use your content and other data, including your name and photo, to send messages to your network to inform them of the fact that you have updated your profile, posted content, placed an ad, made new connections, etc.

We inform senders in the event that you interact (like/share) with their message and/or other content; other members can also view these social actions and associate with you (such as your name, profile and photo, if provided by you).

We can share your data with third parties that provide services on our behalf with regard to the platform’s use. These third parties only have access to your personal data, insofar as necessary for their services. It is also possible that we communicate your personal data to third parties if this is necessary to fulfil our legal obligations or the agreement signed with you. Any other entity acquiring us or a part of our company, has the right to continue using your data in accordance with the stipulations of the present privacy policy.

We share information with advertisers about the type of people who view and are interested in their ads. However, this does not include the sharing of personal data which would allow others to identify you, but only general information such as gender, age, location, etc. This gives advertisers an insight into the effects of their ads and the target group reached.

In order to guarantee our services, data are exchanged from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States. We comply with the Privacy Shield framework agreements between the European Union and the United States and between Switzerland and the United States. Our data centre is currently located in the United States (Amazon Web Services).

Your rights

We store your personal data for as long as your account exists or it is necessary to provide our services. When you delete your account, we delete the content you posted. Information that others shared about you, is not part of your account and is not deleted.

In principle, you have the right to access (and request a copy), correct, delete or restrict the use of your personal data (when your personal data would be inaccurate or would be stored unlawfully). In addition, you have the right to revoke your data processing consent or object to our processing of your personal data (for instance for marketing purposes) and you have the right to data portability.

You can send us a request to access, copy, correct, delete, restrict or transfer your personal data or a request to revoke your consent or to object to the processing of your personal data, via the following contact details:

You must take into account that we may not be obliged to comply with your request to access, correct, delete, restrict or transfer your personal data, because of our legal obligations or the legitimate exercise of the right to freedom of expression and/or information.

We would also like to point out that you have the possibility of filing a complaint with the supervisory authority.

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