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The Social Rewards site here at is powered by our very own cryptocurrency blockchain. Visit our tokens homepage at to learn more about our network and begin particapating.

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Committed Team Members!

Vitae is powered by many individuals who work in their respective departments. With an ever changing landscape of opportunity, the Vitae team is organized for success. Founded by entrepreneurs and like minded individuals to build a new generation of social site able to advance with technology. Our developers and programmers are excited to provide a future to cryptocurrency.

" The fail point of all crypto-currency is when it is converted to fiat-currency. It has not reached its true potential. We are here to change that.
We want businesses to accept Vitae. We want you to earn Vitae because when that happens, we will change the world via mass adoption. "

Embracing The Technology

Vitae embraces the Blockchain Technology and is founded and ran by entrepreneurs and like minded individuals to build a new generation of cryptocurrency able to advance with technology.

A Revolutionary Concept

Vitae is not just a token. Much like life, it has a purpose. This purpose is to provide prosperity through POS (Proof Of Stake), Master Node, Super Node and our own Social Rewards Website.

Earn By Likes & Shares

You earn rewards by interacting with the site, the same way you interact with any social media websites: liking, posting and sharing content. The community is free to join, or you can pay with Vitae to jump start your experience.

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